Toyota Corolla Altis Bandung

Toyota Corolla Altis Bandung

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Daftar harga toyota corolla altis bandung

Harga Toyota Corolla bandung
Manual Automatic
Corolla Altis 1.8 G 435.300.000
Corolla Altis 1.8 V 470.100.000

Toyota Corolla Altis



Toyota corolla altis

More modern & aggressive exterior design. Discover a drive that complements your lifestyle

New Striking Upper Grille Design
(G Type)

Excellent G Grade Head Lamp
(G Type)

Stunning Alloy Wheels
(G Type)

Elegant Front Lower Garnish
(V Type)

New Attractive Rear Lamp Design
(V Type)

Sleek V Grade Head Lamp
(V Type)

Stunning Alloy Wheels
(V Type)


A Perfect Blend of Sophisticated Technology and Luxurious Detail on the Inside. Experience an Exceptional Driving Pleasure

Highly Convenient Cruise Control
(V Type)

New Modern Center Cluster Design
(V Type)

New Refined TFT Color MID
(G type)

New Modern Center Cluster Design
(G type)

MID Command Button
(G Type)

Advanced Audio Head Unit
(V Type)

New Bold Circular AC Register
(G Type)

Superior Sport Drive Mode


Maximum Safety Quality to Ensure Safety for Every Passengers

Ensure maximum braking safety

Vehicle Stability Control
Better stability features with more control during acceleration and cornering
(All Grade)

Emergency Brake Signal
Emergency brake signal to alert other vehicle in the event of sudden braking
(V Grade)

Alarm System
Vital protection to guard the vehicle

Rear Parking Sensor
Proximity sensor designed to alert driver to obstacle while parking

Essential safety in front and back seats

Equipped with driver and passenger airbags. More safety for all passengers.

Toyota Mini*
For baby, less than 15 months


1.8 Liter Dual VVT-i Engine for exceptional performance


Sophisticated & Exceptional Accessories

Rear Lower Garnish

Side Mirror Garnish

Front Lower Garnish

Tlp/WA : Anjar
Dealer Toyota